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? You define your own financial freedom. This personal budget spreadsheet was created for the person or family that wants to get their finances under control without feeling overwhelmed. The person who wants to get out of debt, (re)build their savings, and take control of their expenses and income. And the person who simply wants to be aware of where their money is going so they can spend smart for years to come.

This personal budget spreadsheet is for you if:

  • You are currently in debt and need a budget tracker that can help you get out of debt quickly, by keeping track of your income sources, expenses, and making sure you are within your predefined monthly budget.
  • You are not in debt but simply want to continue to live within your means and put more money in the bank! It gives you a balance of the money left over after paying off your expenses. This amount left over is theoretically the amount you can put in your savings account.
  • You just want to see where all your spending is going because you are budget conscious. It has snazzy graphs showing you your expenses, your income and your balances.
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There are many personal budget trackers out there. However, not many are easy to use. Before creating this personal budget tracker, we did a lot of research on the personal budget templates that already exist. Some are free and others are being sold for as much as $30 for a download.

When we looked through all these different trackers, the same issue seemed to exist. They all seemed either overly complex and not sexy looking. They looked more like tools used by accountants who know Microsoft Excel like the back of their hands. To non- or part-time Excel users, these personal budget templates can be really confusing and intimidating.

This is not the case with our personal budget tracker! Our tool allows you to create your own expense and income categories. You are not limited to what is currently in the sheet, you can rename the categories to be whatever you wish. You can also set a monthly budget for each category, and the tool will tell you how much you have left in each as you spend.

Furthermore, all you do is input a date, choose the category from a drop-down list, enter a description of the category such as “water expense” for the “Variable Utilities” category and input the amount spent.

If you aren’t good with Excel, that’s OK, you will be able to use this tool just fine. If you are an Excel expert, you will further benefit from using this tool because of the way it was set up. All the pain in the butt work of creating graphs and charts that automatically update with minimal work has already been done for you. All you may need to do is customize formulas to further track what you desire. But to be honest, there isn’t much you will need to change as an expert Excel user.

The tool is also nice and pretty looking with labels to tell you what to do if you are confused (but we don’t think you will be).  A lot of care and hours were put into creating this, mainly for simplicity. We wanted to make sure our users don’t feel overwhelmed as soon as they start using it (which tends to be the case with other Personal budget tools).

We hope you’ll give our budgeting tool a try and let us know what you think!

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